Hi there! I’m Ashley. My days are spent navigating the teenage world from a 30-year-old’s perspective. I know how to use fleek, swag and turn up properly in a sentence. My hashtags are on point and my Insta is poppin’.

When I’m not posting on social media or applying filters to the photos that curate my life, I am working towards becoming a full-time missionary in San Salvador. I want to take what I have learned from spending hours on end texting and living life with my people @rockcityouth down south. Way down south.

This is my space for processing what I’m learning. The teenage world is weird and exciting, and most importantly, ever changing. These are my notes on where I’ve been, where I stand and where God is taking me. Whether my lessons are in Columbus, Ohio or across the border in San Salvador, it will all be documented here, because as a wise woman once told me, “Notetakers are world changers, my friends.”